Mayday recalibrated the concept of Bucket Lists into a full brand identity project, using unique image treatments and hand-drawn rustic elements, for an app that lets users create and share adventures.


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Brand Identity

Once we determined audience and brand concept, we started to craft an identity that would reflect users' adventures: dynamic, outdoorsy and exploration-driven. The template had to be artistic with a human touch, so we used rough edges and a sketched design. Bespoke brand touch-points were executed to create a personal, immersive experience. Additionally, templates had to remain flexible to support a variety of unique adventure goals.

Image Treatment

Developed in the 1930s, 8mm film reinvented the way people interacted with photography; a tedious task transformed into an easily portable solution to kickstart outdoor photography adventures. We applied this 8mm ethereal effect to all Grown Ocean content, eliciting the “home movie,” community vibe— a vintage, grainy touch to immediately transport the audience into the mindset of classic, iconic adventure.

App Design

All of the UI elements relied on a hand-drawn art concept, as if sketched in one's travel notebook.

After defining a descriptive and unique brand identity, we began to design the user journey. The application needed to evoke the experience of sitting around a campfire in the woods, sharing travel notes and future aspirations, underlining the community aspect.

Marketing Strategy

Grown Ocean enhances the community built within the app through marketing endeavors. With our designed splash page to collect signups upon the launch day, the audience stays connected to internal updates. Using direct marketing as pretext, Grown Ocean adds a social layer to organize adventurers through in-person meetups and ventures. Throughout these activities, Grown Ocean reinforces a tangible interaction within the app and educates the user further outside the screen and into the greater outdoors.

Michael Domanic


"The Mayday team has been instrumental in helping us transition an abstract concept into a tangible, viable product. They executed a beautiful, well thought out design that our users love."